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Why Olive Oil?

Which oil is best as the carrier oil for Carbon 60?

What Are Free Radicals?

C60 Eliminates Free Radicals

In simple terms, a free radical is a damaged molecule. It is missing an electron and looks to steal one from a neighboring molecule by attaching itself to that molecule. 


This “attachment” often creates a chain reaction, in that the next molecule is now “damaged” and must repair itself, and so on. This chain reaction results in an increase in oxidative stress.  

A molecule can become “damaged” from injury, illness, toxic substances or naturally as a by-product of our body’s normal metabolism.

Excessive or strenuous exercise also causes the formation of free radicals. Oxidative Stress from a hard workout damages molecules by causing them to loosen and drop an electron, converting the molecule into a free radical.

Many health care professionals and scientists agree that free radicals and oxidative stress are the cause of most health issues.

Carbon 60 neutralizes free radicals by absorbing them like a sponge and carrying them away to be naturally eliminated by the body.


C60 acts as a scavenger, helping to prevent cell and tissue damage that leads to disease.

Causes of free radicals include:

  • Chemical cleaning supplies

  • Chlorinated water: to drink, shower or swim in

  • Cigarette smoke, inhaled or second-hand

  • Excessive exercise/workouts

  • Excessive exposure to UV rays

  • Flouride water

  • Harmful drugs

  • Herbicides

  • Pesticides in food

  • Pollution

  • Toxic metals

  • Unhealthy diet

  • Wi-Fi and other EMF pollution-generating devices

  • X-rays, radiation exposure

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