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The Production Process

Why You Can Be Confident in C60 Health

Our product developer and provider of C60 Olive Oil is SES Research Inc. in Houston, Texas. The chemists at SES were the originators of the C60 Olive Oil used in the Baati/Paris Research Study. It was THAT study which produced the amazing health results and longevity that is still touted today. Following is their Process description.

 " The C60 Olive Oil starts with our purest form of SES Research Carbon 60 (99.99%) and is continuously stirred for 2 weeks at room temperature in Extra Virgin Olive Oil that is directly sourced from Organic Koroneiki Olives grown in the Kalamate region in Greece (Certified USDA Organic, Kosher, Kalamata PDO).  This awarding winning Iliada Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is produced by Agro.vim S.A. Iliada, in Greece and can be found in many of the fine, high-end restaurants around the world. It is known for its extraordinary taste. Carbon 60 content is approximately 80 mg/ 100 ml oil.


To achieve maximum saturation (0.8 grams per litre / 0.8 mg per ml), we combine 5 grams of Carbon 60 per litre of organic extra virgin olive oil, as described in the Baati research process. This is more than six times the amount of Carbon 60 than can possibly saturate the solution, however, this is the necessary ratio because not all of the Carbon 60 being mixed with olive oil will dissolve in a two-week mixing period.

Can C60 Extend Life?

All of the evidence indicates that the antioxidant, Carbon 60 or C60 for short (also called buckyballs or Fullerene 60), can double the lifespan of Laboratory subjects. The study shows that over the course of 30 hours, the gastrointestinal tract absorbed the dissolved buckyballs and released it from the body with no harm.


Other researchers say that even though it is excreted from the body quickly, some long-lasting changes in organs and cells must have been created such as strengthening DNA.

​Be careful when you purchase from other vendors selling C60 oils as they might not be using the highest quality oils and/or highest purity of C60 possible which may contain trace amounts of Solvents and VOCs.

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