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Understanding the Baati Rat Study

The Paris Baati Rat Study of 2012 was initially for the purpose of discovering if [60] Fullerene (C60) would prolong the lifespan of rats.  The research paper describes the detailed work performed with a number of laboratory rats.  Eight scientists participated in the study. 

Simplifying the Results

The fascinating results of the Carbon 60 research study are summarized below. Our thanks go to K Elmer for clarifying some of the technical and scientific explanations. The video of his summary is on our Video page.

1.  The Rat Study Used Wilstar Rats

  • Purity of C60 - 99.99%

  • Virgin Olive Oil from Tanisia

  • Quantity of C60 in oil - 0.8 mg/ml

  • Dosage - 1.7 mg/kg of body weight

    • daily for 7 days​

    • then weekly for 2 months

    • then every 2 weeks thereafter

2. Results on Oxidative Stress

Three groups tested - Groups A, B & C


  • A received just water; median lifespan 22 months

  • B received only Olive Oil; median lifespan 26 mos.

  • C received C60 Olive Oil; median lifespan 42 mos.


Subjects receiving C60 increased longevity by 90%!

At 38 mos, all Group A rats were dead. 100% of Group C rats were alive.

3. Results of Toxicity

Groups A, B & C were given haloalkane (CCL4)


  • A given just water got sick; stayed sick at 24 hrs.

  • B given just olive oil got sick; returned to normal in 5 hrs .

  • C given C60 Olive Oil got sick; returned to normal in 5 hrs.

4.  Summary Upon Dissection

  • Rats treated with just water and olive oil had damaged livers.

  • Livers of rats that received only olive oil had less damage than those that had only water.

  • Rats treated with C60 had NORMAL livers; unaffected by the toxin.


C60 Olive Oil prolonged life!

Other Queries & Findings

Q:  Is C60 toxic? 

A:  C60 has no toxicity effects, even over a very long term.


Q:  How long does C60 remain in the system?

A:  C60 absorbed by the G.I. tract is fully eliminated in 97 hours.


Q:  Since C60 is soluble, isn't it flushed out of the body quickly?

A:  C60 is only active in soluble form and is soluble in lipid droplets inside cells, as well as in fats.


Note:  Vitamin C taken with water is flushed from the body quickly. With C60, wrapped in a molecule of oil, the body recognizes it as a fat molecule -- as something it wants -- and it will absorb that fat molecule with the C60 inside.


Also, C60 can freely cross the membrane barriers. This is very important! It is a SUPERIOR ANTIOXIDANT that no other antioxidant can imitate!


More Findings


In dissected rats treated with C60 olive oil, large deposits of fat accumulation were found to be present.


There were no adverse effects because C60 took care of any inflammation or fibrosis.


All rats died from ageing. Untreated rats normally die having tumours. The study showed that none of the rats that were given C60 had tumours, unlike the control rats.



C60 and its derivatives have been studied since 1993. It has been discovered that it does far more than just extend life.


Here are some other wonderful attributes of C60:


  • Protection from UV and radio EMFs

  • Antiviral, antioxidant and anti-amyloid activities

  • Immune stimulating

  • Anti-tumour effects

  • Hair growth activity

  • Protection for the liver

Summary of the Baati Research Study

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