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Questions & Answers

Q:  How should I store C60 Olive Oil?

A:  We recommend storing it just as you would any other olive oil; ideally in a dark, cool space. Do not refrigerate the oil as it would become cloudy. If cooler temperatures (during transporting) cause the oil to become cloudy, it will return to its normal state when brought to room temperature. 

Q:  Should I take C60 Olive Oil with food?

A:  Olive oil is a food so it is not necessary to take it with additional food. There is no evidence to show that taking C60 Olive Oil with food will reduce or enhance benefits.

Q:  What is the dosage I should take?

A:  The recommended dosage is 1 teaspoon (5 mL) per day for a person weighing up to 170 pounds. The convenient dispenser syringe helps by perfectly measuring the exact amount. A sterile syringe is included with every bottle of C60 Olive Oil. Click the following button to find suggested dosages based on your body weight.

Some users take significantly more if they are trying to clear up a particular condition. Athletes often enjoy C60 Olive Oil before strenuous activity to prevent inflammation, or after a sporting event or workout to speed up muscle recovery and lessen pain. We recommend taking C60 Olive Oil up to 3 hours prior to bedtime, for optimum sleep. This is because C60 can make you feel more energetic as inflammation disappears.

Q:  Will C60 interfere with my medications?

A:  C60 does not interact or interfere with medications. We recommend taking C60 Olive Oil in the morning with or without food.

Q:  Will C60 Olive Oil make me feel sick?

A:  C60 Olive Oil is pure and assimilates well into the body. However, you may experience a low-grade headache the first or second day as your body begins to detoxify. Olive oil, on its own, has been shown to be helpful for skin, joints and overall health.

Q:  Are there any adverse side effects from taking C60 Olive Oil?

A:  No. Our C60 Olive Oil contains only 99.99% pure Carbon 60 and organic extra virgin olive oil, both of which are good for your body.

Q:  Are all C60 Oil products the same? What makes one more expensive than another?

A:  No, not all C60 Oil products are the same. The cost is determined by the purity and quality of the ingredients, the equipment used, and the production time it takes to make the product.

Q:  How long will C60 Olive Oil stay in my body?

A:  According to the Baati Research Study, C60 Olive Oil stays in the system for 97 hours, if no further dosing occurs. Our C60 Olive Oil is produced following the same methods used in the Baati Study, so you can be assured of the same high standards and 97-hour period of time for the product to remain in your body. A note of caution: not all manufacturers follow the precise methods of production.

Q:  Can C60 Olive Oil be given to my pets?

A:  Yes. Many pet owners have helped their dogs and cats recover from arthritis and other ailments by giving them C60. Of course, doses for dogs would be different than for humans. 

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