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Our C60 Olive Oil is processed from ESS60 (pure Carbon 60) fully saturated in organic extra virgin olive oil. 


C60 Olive Oil, 100mL

100 Milliliters
Price Options
One-time purchase
1 Bottle Monthly
100mL bottle
C$85.00every month until canceled
  • For long-term benefits, recommended dosage is 1 teaspoon per day, (5 ml). We recommend taking the product in the morning, with or without food. There are about 20 teaspoons in our 100mL bottle.

SHIPPING: Several factors affect the cost of shipping —  size, total weight and the destination postal code. To simplify shipping variables we use a flat-rate scenario based on the quantity of product you order. Canada Post applies a fuel surcharge of 10% to every package shipped. They adjust fuel surcharges monthly; up or down as fuel prices change. By paying a flat rate for shipping, you will not notice increases in the surcharge.

C60 Health reserves the right to adjust or change shipping if or when current calculations are no longer viable because of Canada Post’s new rates. Every effort is made to ensure the lowest possible shipping rates for our customers.

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